Grandma’s Boy

I am trying to get a better grip of my responsibilities, the tasks I give myself and the challenges given to me by others. I’m not just talking about people, I’m really describing the universe and all it’s wisdom it holds for me. I must be willing to gain from an experience, something given to me each of the days  I am only trying to be a better me in the world. The day did have a plan and it was suppose to be a smooth ride to the evening time, but that’s not what has to happen…

Yesterday evening around 9:00 o’clock, my Grandma calls me. I been so busy these past couple of weeks, so I really haven’t visited my grandma lately during the week. Coaching and helping my friends record their music, I have something going all week. I know, no excuses…

Hey Grandma.

Hey Sky, when you get off of work, you think you could pick me up a few things from the store?

Yeah, of course, what do you need?

Can you get me some flour, six bannons (bananas) and some milk.

I can get that for you, I get off a little late but I’ll drop it off when I get back.

That’s fine, don’t worry about it and I’ll pay when you get here.

What kind of flour do I get?

Get the bird. They should have one for eight dollars, get that one. Remember to get six bannons.

What kind of milk do you want?

Get me a gallon of 2%. Were out of milk.

Okay Grandma, anything else?

I think that’s it, remember the bannons, probably need six of them.

I’ll see you after work Grandma. 

Thanks. I’ll see you. Bye.

Tuesday’s are my practice days, it’s the middle of the week pretty much, we got a tournament this weekend, every second counts. I never miss a Tuesday practice, 3:00pm and get the word that we have to stay late. There wasn’t even a time given, a reference or even an estimation. I let the other coaches know I’ll be late. It was after 7:00pm when I left work, practice was over,  empty courts were the only thing left…

I still needed to goto the store for my grandmas, her list, I did not forget, I went to get them 6 bannons. The local grocery store is a blast from the past, you always see someone you haven’t seen for awhile. Maybe someone you weren’t ready to see, someone that wasn’t ready to see you. Anywho I get the blue bird, 6 bannons, and gallon of milk 2%. 

When I get to my grandmas she watching America’s Got Talent, she likes these competition/singing shows. And it’s prerecorded too, she’ll fast forward through the comercials and never lose momentum. I get comphy on the couch, watching the talent, maybe get a little too involved, holding back tears. Lose track of time, forget that I must get home.

My Grandma always lets me know that her house is my house. I am her first born grandchild and to be able to make my Grandma proud is the best feeling ever. I realize the time and leave after the show ends.

She asked for six bannons, I got her seven.




Basketball Journal Entry

The stars are not always visible on certain nights, these past couple months have been a challenge for me to write posts about my day-to-day experiences. At one point I was normally reflecting on a moment and I could form enough words to tell my side of things. I think at certain times life can move at this fast pace and when this happens it becomes easier to get lost in your own thoughts. The stars are not always visible, yet they are still there glowing. 

I been in this basketball world, I also have been hanging out with my cousin Calvin. We’ll be watching the NBA channel all day, Hardwood Classics, it’s old games from  the 80s, 90s, even last year’s games. Bulls versus the Jazz, Lakers and Pistons. It was my cousin Calvin and his two younger brothers that got me into basketball, they would play pick up games at the park during the time we lived in Tucson. I remember them competing amongs themselves at the court behind my Aunty Rachael’s house in Little Tucson. These guys  symbolically gave me my mojo when it comes to basketball. If I’m not watching it, then I’m playing it, if I’m not playing, then I’m writing about it. Now I’m coaching it. My world is Basketball, and the game is the dragon consuming the town, everything is in flames.

I have my opinions, when it comes to next season with the NBA. I honestly felt that Durant was the X-factor for Golden State this year. I mean they have a roster of talent but with the addition of KD, the team became a powerful force not to be messed with. They said Durant took a pay cut, to create that squad and it definitely paid off because they went on to win the championship. I had betted against them too, I thought Lebron and Kyrie were going to be on point, no dice. 

So a few weeks ago I’m in the car listening to the radio and the commentator starts talking about Curry. During the playoffs, the media coverage portrayed Curry and Durant as the two go-to-guys for Golden State. Stephen Curry has been the superstar/poster child for the Warriors prior, he is great by the way. The commentator was impressed with the amount Curry will be making, recently renegotiated his contract with Golden State and would probably be the highest paid player in the league. He deserves every penny, and yet all I could think of was KD. He might be the only one working harder than Curry and with Durant on the roster, the team has someone to hold the team down by being that superstar player to represent the team. I felt that his pay should be reevaluated as well. None of my business but a player should get what they deserve and in this case KD had enough content to bring up that conversation. Just saying.

Kyrie might be leaving the Cavs… Derrick Rose is coming to Cleveland on a one year contract. The madness is overwhelming, not really. I was little happy to hear this about Kyrie, if he does want to lead rather than be led then we are going to see a new chapter for the incredible player. Players get traded to other teams, it happens. If that is true because we don’t know, I didn’t talk to Kyrie. We only hear the media’s explanation, but if he needs to change his surroundings then we should let him be. I know his skills will only be put in new situations and that could elevate his style. Same for Lebron.

Another story in the NBA to follow is the Ball family, Lonzo ball did play one year for UCLA and was drafted to the Lakers this past summer. The real spokesman for Lonzo Ball has been his dad, Lavar Ball has been hyping up his sons talents in the media for quite sometime. Lavar loves all his boys and believes they are the future of basketball. So this upcoming year will be all eyes on the Ball, did Lavar write any checks  Lonzo cannot cash?

The LA Lakers is big team to hold up, espically your first year in the league, remember we got the Warriors up the road. 

Fashion and basketball somehow became fused into each other over time. Growing up and even outside of the basketball world, the shoes you have on matter. People can make a judgments on you by what you wear on your feet. Basketball players who were successful and they had their own shoe, they had influence on the fashion choices for the masses. Everyone want the new Jordans. The more exclusive, the more expensive. 

My niece is getting ready to go back to school and I wanted to get her new shoes for the new school year. Growing up we had shoes, our mom took care of us. I am very greatful for what she did for us. 

There is a new Foot Locker on the south side of Tucson, so I suggest we check it out the new store and see if they got any shoes for Elexis. We see the Kyrie’s and their maroon with a pink Nike swoosh, they look pretty cool. 

I want her to get the shoes but I want her to try on another shoe just to see a difference. All the shoes we want to try on, they don’t have the size. Their Jordan selection was impressive, they had these retro Jordan’s that were light blue, Elexis approves, they have the size. The general plan before we went into store was to buy one pair. She likes the Jordan’s and I want her to have the Kyrie’s. We get them both. 

I want her to have the shoes, yet I also want her to have the shoes I would want. Does that make sense? We leave the story happy.

Uncle Buck Is Bringing Home Pizza!

stories from my stomach

I am not myself sometimes. It feels like that Alexisonfire song Boiled Frogs My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away. It can be like that at times when reality sets and I’m not linked to the younger me. I’m the responsible version of myself and he is not a kid, he is not 21 anymore. My biggest fear is to live a life not worth living and me recognizing this drastic change in age is scary. How can I accomplish everything before I can’t do anything? Does that even make any sense?

Poor little Tin man, still swinging his axe, even though even though his joint are clogged with rust.

I try my hardest to be positive and be a nice guy. At my finest of course but I need to get better at it. Channeling my positivity and staying levelheaded in the grand scheme of things.

As my…

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What Do You Feel Like Eating?

stories from my stomach

Such an everyday concept, what will I eat today?

It becomes a different story when your driving to the city and your with your Mom. It was a Sunday morning and my Mom and I drove to Tucson to do some shopping and take care of a few errands. We left our house without breakfast, we needed food, so that was our first destination.

Where do you want to eat?

I could go for anything

Well, what do you feel like eating?

What do you feel like eating?

I asked you first

But I said I could go for anything.

Well, pick something 

You pick something 



I could eat anything 

I already said that

We eventually decided to eat at this Mexican place that has a buffet. Their food is the bomb and I would always eat here with my mom when I was still in college. It…

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