Reflection Midway

The Holidays are those times of deep thinking, it’s that element of remembrance with loved ones and close friends that make you grateful to be part of something outside of yourself. I have always had those relations and traditions occurring in my life, the consistency of these moments give me structure. I know their is a meal to be created and choreographed, gifts that need to be wrapped, there are all these tiny chores that add up to a memorable time, or traumatic.

I have been enjoying the NBA season so far, Kyrie is killing it, he’s doing his job fine and the Celtics have the best record in the eastern conference, so I hope to see Boston make it to the playoffs. The expected team to be in the finals prior to the season starting was the Cavaliers in the east, although at that time they had Kyrie holding down that fort. I am starting to understand Kyrie’s decision to be outside of that squad, you have a teammate that is talented and highly regarded, yet this teammate also needs to rely on other around him to maintain that stature. All I’m saying is that Kyrie is playing basketball at his tempo, and even got a victory over the Warriors a couple weeks ago, their the team expected to be playing in the finals for the western conference. Golden State is actually second in the conference now, not too far behind Houston.

We are only at the beginning of the season, all the other teams still have a fair chance. Lakers also have my attention, I been following Lonzo Ball, the rookie that is also a internet star, dude already has his own signature shoe, from his own brand. Watching him play, I don’t see Jordan, however I do see a kid that can ball. I don’t know if he’s living up to the hype he got from the media. I also know that these things take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, I want to believe that this Lonzo Ball guy came to change the game. I see him making great passes and getting rebounds, he is facilitating the ball to his teammates lovely. I just don’t see him the way I would see a Westbrook, a beast ready to explode. Of course Westbrook has that experience and I feel that Lonzo is still building from those experiences he has yet to face.

I guess what it comes down to is respecting the process and being patient with how the universe works for you. Individually we have those paths, the time and place is just up in the air for most of us. We do have a great amount of control, it may not always feel this way, there is strengths in our thought, the mind is a muse for real living.


See You At The Crossroads…

We lose at certain periods of existence, the fulfillment of being paid is not always the situation, sometimes it’s about appreciation of getting to live in a place where we face a opportunity to be extraordinary.

Win or lose, did you live to the fullest?

I saw the older bros do it, I watched them and stay forever grateful because as a grown individual I know the ups and downs of just being around. Committed to the community, all about the unity, yet I still have issues with so and so over such and such. The truth is so tedious that we do give up, not just a fuck up, in some way, we get in a box. Running from definitions trying to think out the box, to say the least is we came to rock the party.

Mad Kid Good Village Squad

The times are gloomy with cloudy days and grey skies, the earth is wet and we have definitely reached the entrance to winter. There are things that need to get out via these posts, I have ideas and I need to follow through for the sake of not keeping it in. The blog has become this outlet and a resource for my writing, I get to share these particles of my brain, regardless of the amount of readers I have, this story from my stomach is true.

I think the routines and rituals can lose content when it becomes apart of a daily chore list, and the “against the grain” entity inside me wants to go off the trail for the sake of being original.

Basketball is my muse, it’s how I get my inspiration, the elements of the game help me see things in my real world. The more I play, the more I learn, and last week gave me that moment of realization that I needed. So, usually our core group plays 21, it’s only four of us, 21 makes sense. Its more of an individualized game, you versus everyone, not too complicated. Although, when you have eight players, your not gonna want to play 21, that’s a game of four on four.

Four on four has that team dynamic stitched to it, you can pass and play without the ball. It requires cooperation and positive relationships. The game opens up when you have a team of players to work with, and the game of 21 doesn’t really require that team spirit. Your on your own playing 21, but when you have a team, you have those options, you can be a great defender and not have to worry about being the one who scores. In order for a team be effective, each player must be aware of a role on that team.

Last Friday during lunch the squad went to play 21, and there was a bunch of other players wanting to jam. We had to play a game of four on four, perfect timing. The accountability is more present, the opposing team has equal players and you need to do your part defending one of those players. Most of the time your in a man to man defense, your assigned a player to defend, and if that player is scoring then your going to get blamed. Call for help.

I play basketball with some great people, good friends I’ve made along the way of me trying to be me. I have those strong individuals around to challenge me on the court, and those same dudes are the ones that can help build a team to challenge another squad wanting to play.  The game gives you gems and the time you give the game can accumulate to the greatest days on earth, looking for the open man, finding the cutter, taking the last shot to end the game, boxing out the defender and chasing the rebound. Passing the ball to your teammate because you have all the trust you need for them to drive it to the hoop.

On a bad day, I might not see the importance of playing and maintaining these relationships on the court. If I forget my role in playing, then I am not being responsible for what I can bring to the team and the game. The game exists, yet it is our individual efforts that shape and bring life to the sport. Be aware of your own powers and keep that ball moving at the pace you desire.




The Hitchhiker 

It was a late, I was hanging out with a few friends in the city, still had to drive back to the Rez. I had driven home late before, so I wasn’t scared or unfamiliar with the road. And trust me that road can be tedious if you ain’t on it everyday. It’s cold too, I go the speed limit and keep my eyes on the road. 

The change on scenery on the way home, there’ the bright lights of the city’s stores and traffic. Then the more dimmer lights of the living rooms in the suburb homes. The distant lights from the quiet airport to the side, planes going nowhere. Border town electricity and pumpkin fields breathing. Then I am on the land.

There is a young girl off to the side of the road with her hand in the air, which is the universal sign for I need a ride or help. It was late and freezing, I would have felt bad if I hadn’t stopped. There might not be anybody headed in this direction, I pull over.  I roll my window down and ask where’s she headed, luckily it’s a village near mine. She gets in the back of the car and we get on the road. 

Growing up, giving people rides was a family tradition, from time to time you might need to pick up someone. I’ve been picked up many times, always remember getting in these unknown rides with my dad going somewhere, we didn’t have a vehicle, we just had to get out there. Thumbs up.

I didn’t struggle to have a conversation with the girl, all she said was that she needed to see her sister. I just thought maybe she had gone through something not worth discussing. I wasn’t trying to be dective, plus she was going to her sisters. I figure her sister could handle that particular part of the delimma. I’m just the uber. 

I am getting closer to her village and I start to ask which way do I turn? She doesn’t respond, I thought maybe she fell asleep, so I ask louder, where do I go? 

It’s quiet. I pull over and look in the back. No ones there. Alone.

I’m freaking out, but I don’t want to be pulled over on the side, so I get back on the road. I don’t want to have self doubt but it felt like there was something in the back of the car. How could I imagine something so vivid, I knew this was something other…

RezField – Potential Baby Momma Drama

“Geri just found out that he might be a father, a fling sends him that one text that changes everything”

Jorge – Yo, what the heck is going on, you sounded so serious on the phone.

Geri – I needed someone to talk to, I get this text from a fling, she says that she is pregnant with my child. 

Jorge – You freaking out over that, do you believe her?

Geri – I believe that it could be a possibility, I mean I was partisipating, if you know what I mean.

Jorge – I know what you mean, and are you nuts?

Geri – Well I must have nuts if any of this is possible, not only do I have nuts, but they work too. An old man like me. 

Jorge – You may appear to be an old man, but you kinda shouldn’t be around kids. I know that sounds mean to say, I’m not saying anything. I’m just saying if this is true, you got a lot of growing up to do. 

Geri –  I hear you 100%, I’m not doubting your observation, I don’t know what a parent is suppose to do, I can barley parent myself. How does this even work, do I have to show my id. 

Jorge – What the fuck are you talking about, this ain’t jury duty, this is a huge responsibility. Are you listening father of the year, get it together. 

Geri – I need to figure this out. Thanks for the pep talk.

Jorge – There should be a standardized test for human beings, to determine if they are ready to have kids. Like how you get a drivers license, there would be classes a couple would need to take and pass.

Geri – Come on that won’t work, ain’t nobody going to sign up for a test to be a parent, there needs to be something, like a drug, a pill that you would need to take in order be knowledgeable about childhood and raising another human being.

Jorge – Yeah, its called birth control foo.

Geri – Hey Fuck you, I called you over for help. 

Jorge – Ok, what about the Mother? If this is your baby, are you going to make things good, are you ready to settle down?

Geri – I got mad love for this girl, but she might not feel the same way. I’m not even able to make a relationship work, how am I going to take care of a child. 

Jorge – Talking about it helps, actually finding out the truth would make all the difference in the world. Call her, hear her out. The kid doesn’t need you two to be together, they just need you two cooperating and working things out.

Geri – I hear you bro, this life situation really puts it all on the table. 

Jorge – I just can’t believe you to be the baby daddy in a scenario, I can see you as a step-dad maybe, but congratulations brother, you’ll know what to do when the time comes.








Ripetide Was The Love

stories from my stomach

Fear lives close because it influences the brain to be me. The voices whisper and the light within sparks choices in the dark. The closest ones to us, become lost in the game. This magic requires a gullible imagination.

Fear is funny like that because it can become unstuck.

The idea of love, is it glamorized in pop culture to a fault for setting unrealistic standards for the way people should act?

Throwing my coat over a puddle of mud so she don’t get her feet wet. I mean even though my nice jacket is ruined and we come across other puddles on the trail. These moments where I lose sight of the force and become something like my father. Love like he felt.

I made you a mixtape that defines how I feel about our souls being together. Each track has a similar storyline to how we should be…

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Suck My Opinion 

The sun is going faster, the presence of night welcomes winter into our lives. I’ll always remember what a professor said at the beginning of the fall semester. It will get dark. The course was in the evening and by the end of the semester, when class was ended, the campus was a somber park of buildings with students traveling to their next destination. The night is near and I must be wise with how I work with the light in the months to come.

I been waiting for the NBA to start, all the drama created about these trades, let these dudes play. One of the tip-off games was Boston and Cleveland, such a quick reunion between Kyrie and Lebron, how would the teams collide, perhaps a playoff series in the making. Celtics lose by three, Kyrie gets one last chance to get off a three pointer and comes a little short. All Kyrie’s former teammates on the Cavs acknowledge his performance once the game ended. Bittersweet, more sweet than bitter because it solidified Irving’s decision to leave Cleveland and be at full capacity in Boston. And with seconds left, as Kyrie grabs the rebound and gets one more opportunity to fire off a shot, Lebron is chasing him down as time runs out. The season is long and Boston is another team trying to earn a ring, Kyrie and Lebron both know what it takes, but who will actually get there this year?

Something grows out of a mistake, depending on the energy that follows the action. We have power in our words and in our actions, the things I say matter, I must be accountable for what comes out of my mouth and have the ability to justify all that I am doing in my life. Do what you say and say what your willing to back up when the times get tough. New roads may have a bumpy beginning, but what does that have to do with completing the journey ahead. Mistakes and wrong turns only get you to another destination of understanding, be the motivation behind the lesson, life gives you.