Father forgive me

We make mistakes daily

Continue to grow.

A Song Writer Next Door…

Have you ever heard the saying a good musician borrows but a great musician steals, there is a certain aspect of the statement that brings up this ideal of individualism. I’m butchering the actual word order I know, yet to me it is describing the process of observation.

We see things that inspire us and teach us something important, I must take ownership of what transpires, the life, the art that is reflected by my inspiration. I am greatful for that influence and those individuals explaining difficult concepts to me someway.

Although, what flows out of me is only my own property, the content formed is original and new. If my thinking is only concerned about thinking freely then I should be able to manage outside resources. The energy is so raw that it requires the mind to be raw, borrowing the good, returning it of course. Greatness is yours for the taking, if utilized correctly and executed in the best time, the impact will show you how great it really was…

This post was inspired by a discussion I heard online and felt conflicted on the subject. So the artist PARTYNEXTDOOR is a very talented songwriter besides being a performing musician, he wrote songs for Rihanna and Drake. But he almost seems to be envious of these other artist’s success with his written work, almost resenting the whole situation. His original ideas for the songs might even sound better, yet how is that related to someone else using the tune and gaining success from it? Art can not boughten, even if it is sold, it still belongs to the artist.

Today is early

Don’t wonder too far from you 

Stay calm and conquer 

Put Me In Coach – I’m Already To Play….

This post is stories within stories, once upon a time, I was a kid in love with basketball and my Mom was attending the University of Arizona. My life has always been influenced by Wildcat basketball, watching games with my Dad on the weekend, feeling proud that my own Mom was apart of this powerful entity. She actually graduated along side Eugene Edgerson, he was earning his degree in Education, I even got to meet him during one of my Mom’s classes. I just remember a tall guy getting ready for class to start, he signed my U of A ball later on that day.

My college years were different from my Mother’s experience, yet there are a lot of parallels, of course the University of Arizona was the school where I did end up finishing at, I did not start there nor did I think I would finish there. I got a scholarship to Arizona State University and it was a free ride to adulthood, I did one year and went on a four year hiatus, later to continue as a wildcats in Tucson. I remember watching the games between ASU and UofA, thinking to myself Sean Miller brings a great team with him. Growing up watching UofA games, back then it was Lute Olson coaching and he took his team all the way. I remember that Championship game, the whole city of Tucson went nuts, this was like understanding the importance of hope for me. We got close during my college years to winning it all, I’ll always root for my team. Go Wildcats!

I have been coaching for about two years and looking back from the start, I was trying to building something meaningful, I just didn’t think coaching would come so fast. I mean once you build a team, that’s what they want to do, play. So our team has playing in a few leagues and tournaments over the last year. We have won and lost and I came to understand that there will always be great content to grow from when it comes to both a victory and a loss. I would even say losing is more enjoyable because you have more to evaluate after the game is over. Winning on the other hand left me with a blank feeling, like maybe over changed, especially when you have two groups of kids working hard and learning these concepts about the game at such a fast pace. Winning only means there is a hungry team wanting to challenge you for that self-assured glory the next day. Winning is important but equally beneficial as losing, growing from a game that didn’t go in your favor. Taking content from the difficult times and applying the lessons learned to your day to day journey.

There was a tournament a couple weekends back and we had a team playing around noon. I get there an hour early to meet up with players and assign jerseys. The other coach Jeff tells me to look across the other side of the gym, more specifically the ref, it’s Eugene.

Basketball is my Universe, the energy I give the game will be a renewed source of power to apply to the future. Learn from the source, life.

The weekend was here and then it tip toes away into the Sunday night. Every second counts, and it always seems to be never enough, time away from that other part of your life, being put on hold until the calendar says Monday. I have been on this pattern for about four years and truly believe it has helped me appreciate how I use my time. The moments when I’m not clocking in, I’m operating on a self employed schedule and life is boss, and there has to be something to reflect on during our business hour breaks. It grow so beautifully though when you make the most out of those two days, so much that your talking about those moments for the rest of your life. It’s how you operate in the world and how those rich times impacted the current state you are in now.

 We Crack Like Stones…

The day felt like any other day and yet it was one that I would always remember. I was actually early for work this Thursday, drinking my coffee, I scrolled through my instgram timeline. Always random commentary on bullshit, and then I see a picture of Chris Cornell, the caption said “Rest in Piece.” I saw the post and I ignore it completely because this is instgram, people post fuckery all the time. I continue to scroll and I’m seeing other pictures of Cornell, all the captions are either saying “goodbye” or “that he was dead.” I had to believe that maybe he did die.

I thought about him all that day, finding all my favorite tracks on YouTube, remembering his music playing in the background of my life. Growing up I always said I wish I was in my lately twenties during the early nineties, only because that’s when bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains were creating this new music and representing the underrepresented. I wanted to see that as a young adult and to be in the heart of what they called grunge. 

Chris was like the uncle I never met, or had,  he was a lead singer that played guitar. The total package, he could rock arenas with a band, he could play a room with only his acoustic and still touch your soul. I’ve never seen him or heard him play live and yet I know this is true, he had something to share. His voice had a rasp and it made the music fell hauntingly familiar. Cornell’s sound made me feel reminiscent and nostalgic, and the truth was I never gave that much attention to his life in depth. I only knew him through his craft.

It caught me off guard, his time was up and yet he had done so much music wise, but he was only a man writing songs. He lived through some tough times and even I have seen friends pass in my days, yet Cornell was always around. I got into grunge late and his life was power for me, he had such an amazing presence outside of the grunge boundaries. I always remember him on the movie Singles, I don’t even think he had any lines either, besides him screaming on a microphone. Chris passing only reminds me to be thankful, and to honor your friends and to be yourself.

Pray For Us

The day starts, and then the day ends, days get swept onto the porch of yesterday’s stream. And if I’m lucky or blessed, I can breath in the air of tomorrow. The different entities, and forgien energies forming waves, coming in our direction rapidly. Voice; the sweet vergbage we can pass onto each other is beauty. What grows from what we say or do?